Daily Inspiration

Waiting There

No man among all nations can do more than He has done

The Lamb of our salvation the eternal Father's Son

And yet so many curse Him as the enemy of men

While holding to death's angel the great father of all sin

It's sad to see this chapter in the history of earth

To see those who're forsaking what was given them at birth

The mercy that surrounds them from the Father through His grace

Afforded them at Calvary when Jesus took their place

And it's so sad to hear them speak that vicious horrid lie

That they will live forever like the saints and never die

When scripture makes truth simple and abundantly most clear

There is a coming judgment that the lost have need to fear

Yes there's consuming fire that will burn until it's done

With cleansing earth and heaven for the Father and the Son

To start Their new creation of this earth without the sin

That ruined what They first had made to be the home of men

But more than that will be the pain and deep anxiety

When those who've walked away from God will have to look and see

The hist'ry of their chosen past and evil they have done

That pushed away the Father's Gift He gave in Christ the Son

And cursed Him Who had blessed them with such opportunity

To sit with Him upon His throne for all eternity

Fulfilled in every aspect of what truest joy can mean

A child of God's adoption in the Home we have not seen

Where all in perfect harmony with one voice there will sing

The endless praises to the One Who gives us everything

Of which we had no portion until His great Sacrifice

The Lamb of His own choosing His most precious Jesus Christ

And that for just one reason so few truly understand

Because of love within His heart that saw and yet still planned

Before we were created what the outcome was to be

That Christ would have to bear our scars for all eternity

So friend if you've been struggling knowing not which way to go

To make the real decision based on little that you know

Take time to read the scriptures with God leading you in prayer

And you'll be so excited by His Truth that's waiting there

Isaiah 58:6-14; Matthew 25:31-46;


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