Daily Inspiration

Chosen Few

Sometimes I'm sorely tempted to give up the way I live

To join the ones who like to take much more than they can give

To live a life of selfish ease while others suffer on

And let my interests be the things I choose to think upon

But if I focus on those thoughts that lead my soul away

I know with all uncertainty in lust my soul will stray

Upon the path that leads to sin from which there's no return

And all the lessons of my past I'll lose for none to learn

Who have not known the joy I've known from giving of my best

To Him Who left His throne on high to face the greatest test

That love can face in sacrifice without a sure return

As those for whom God gave His Best may never choose to turn

From living daily looking for that thing they'll never find

Without a knowledge of the One Who gives all peace of mind

Who take the time to listen for His voice within His Word

Where only can the voice of God be felt and clearly heard

To give to us instruction of how we might meet the test

That qualifies the chosen few to reach that final rest

Where sin no longer has its way in tempting me and you

To follow in the worldly paths the way that others do

For those who are the chosen few are chosen for their choice

As they respond in humble adoration to that Voice

That greets them in the morning and throughout their busy day

Appreciating what God's done and all He chose to pay

Securing for our future that He gave to be our own

A life that will be measured not by time but by His Own

Investigating places that throughout eternity

Will be enlightened by the hope He gave to you and me

As we will share with others in those worlds beyond the sky

How grace replaced our selfish lusts with love that will not die

But will enlarge forever as forever we will be

The ones for whom Christ bears the scars for all eternity

To be our one reminder that the little we did give

While in this world of sinful self-interest we had to live

Was worth each selfless moment that we gave our all for them

Who needed what we had to share to make us all like Him

Matthew 10:6-8; 1 Corinthians 2:9-16


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