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Daily Inspiration

What Cost Freedom

It's sad to think of how we tend to fall into a mold

How masses seem to willingly just do as they are told

Sometimes no rhyme or reason just a want to go along

Though often if not all the time the path they take is wrong

It's sad to see how many will give up their liberty

Forsaking all the principles that once had made them free

No willing to stand on their own to live for what is right

For fear they might be forced to prove the reason for their fight

When they have been forsaking for so long to study

Truth Complacent in believing there's no need to have the proof

Outlined and kept remembered for the time they'll have a need

To stand firm when there is no other one to intercede

Until they meet disaster when the evil takes control

That for so many centuries through blood received their toll

And people who had once enjoyed the freedom of their will

Became part of the slaughter that their leaders sought to kill

But not just in their politics but in the church as well

As leaders who sought fame and power took the course of hell

And any who did not abide the dictates of the creed

Became but fodder for the fire that fueled their pride and greed

But when there was a people joined together by their prayers

Who willingly put forth the effort to avoid those snares

Of just accepting what was taught them without scripture proof

They found that God would give them honor for pursuing Truth

That was extended by the others who'd not known before

The precious gems of truth embedded where there was much more

To be embraced with God's own Spirit ready to defend

The honor and the glory of God's Son until the end

When all will be accounted for all truth will be revealed

When Christ returns to gather those who by His truth are sealed

Who would not sacrifice there freedoms for some pleasures here

But stood firm on God's promises devoid of pride or fear

So if my friend you're tempted to believe all's going well

And you can just abide the time and do what others tell

I earnestly implore you to look back on history

And see that only those who stand for Truth are pure and free

John 8:12-32; 1 Corinthians 3:7-11

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