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Daily Inspiration

The Temple

When reading in the scriptures of that place in history

When Solomon the chosen king God made for Him to be

The builder of His temple where His presence was to dwell

The image of what then took place no tongue can truly tell

Proclaimed among the wonders of the world until this time

There really are no pictures of that temple so sublime

And yet it held the honor of possessing in its room

The One Who would much later be laid in a stone cold tomb

My mind just cannot fathom what this all should mean to me

How something cold and earthly could contain divinity

No matter if a temple made of gold and precious jewels

Or in a hole within a rock carved out by workman's tools

And yet what's more amazing as the scriptures tell as well

God's presence has another awesome place it also dwells

A place that's closer yet to me if what they say is true

That place that's found within the heart of me as well as you

When we choose to be chosen for the work God wants to see

Performed before His coming to receive that company

Of faithful folks that turned from being what they once had been

To following the Lamb of God Who takes away our sin

And giving Him our temple as that place where He might live

Revealing every day in us the gifts He wants to give

Of life and love of peace and grace that only can be found

When meeting every morning with our God on holy ground

Whereon He builds His temple giving us a sure repose

To strengthen and enable us to do the work He chose

That's often very different from what we anticipate

But in His timing perfect never early or too late

For God sees every moment from the past to what's to be

And orders every thing to happen just as He can see

Is best for His great purpose in providing for mankind

The opportunity to be one body heart and mind

With Him Who has no equal but Who makes us one with Him

Who sees us for what we might be not through the eyes of them

Who've yet to understand His temple and His presence there

That's always been embodied most in heart felt earnest prayer

2 Chronicles 2:1-4:22; Matthew 12:6; 1 Corinthians 3:11-17

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