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Daily Inspiration

Without Bias

How often do we look upon the people that we see

And judge if they are worthy by appearance or degree

Of honor or rejection without knowing them at all

Without the slightest effort to envision how the fall

Has had effect upon them through inheritance or choice

And therein fail to listen to the Spirit's still small voice

To minister unto them as He's wanting us to do

To see the love of Jesus working through both me and you

How often shown we preference for status rank or wealth

Not knowing what's behind the face or how that person felt

About us or our purpose God's ordained for being here

To share with those less honored what the world needs most to hear

The Gospel of His Kingdom where no honor's paid at all

To those who have not listened to our great Redeemer's call

Who have not humbly chosen to be like Him Who from birth

Displayed His love through service while among us here on earth

For everyone He saw possessed for Him a common need

To hear of His great Kingdom and the warning all must heed

To focus on those values that have lasting consequence

That bring to others blessing not a reason for offense

And everyone to Him was someone caught within the grasp

Of Satan's play and folly that would end in death at last

Without that hope of glory God is wanting all to see

Revealed in those who daily walk with Him in purity

That purity renewed in every moment that we live

Observing by His Spirit how to others we might give

A better sweeter answer for the reason that we're here

Not falling to that bias from some others we might hear

That only sees the outside when the inside's most in need

Of being won to Jesus through the blood that He did bleed

Not for one tribe or nation but for all humanity

That all might have that promised Home for all eternity

And live as one together focused on the plan God gave

And illustrated for us through the Lamb He sent to save

All people poor or wealthy who would give their all for Him

Who ruled the endless galaxies but gave His all for them

James 2:1-10; Hebrews 2:1-18

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