Daily Inspiration

The Touch

The most enticing thought of all the thoughts I've had today

Is how much even closer I might come each time I pray

To being more like Jesus in the things I say and do

That changes how I used to be and makes me something new

Not simply in the way most Christians think that we become

But in those ways reflective of the Father and the Son

Embodied with a holy Light that all the world might see

The shining of God's Holy One within the heart of me

Just as He was in Jesus when He walked this earth before

But in a way as He described in scriptures even more

As He might even speak His words and work His works of grace

Revealing what this world needs most as seen in Jesus' face

A humble holy purity that sees within each soul

Upon the path we meet each day a needing to be whole

That can be met and filled by God through things we do and say

And through the touch of our embrace if we are led that way

For many in the world today have learned from evils done

Not to believe there's safety in the touch of anyone

When Christ-like touch is what they need the most to calm their soul

And sometimes heal their brokenness in ways that make them whole

Just as the Saviour did before when as one just like us

He shared with all He met along His way that they could trust

His words to be reflective of His heart and love for them

To help them see the plan that God prepared for them in Him

That plan to make them holy pure and spotless from their past

To lift them to a higher plain where they might live at last

With Him Who is Almighty Sovereign King and Lord of all

Adopted as His children no more subjects of the fall

And without limitation in the way they live for Him

Indwelt with all the power of His Spirit deep in them

To do the works Christ did before but even more today

For if they're willing He might live through all they do and say

With power from a Godly heart that lives for only good

The Way that Jesus did before the way He only could

But we can also do as well when we with Him are one

And God resides in us the way He did within His Son

Colossians 1:19-29; John 14:12-17


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