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Do Not Doubt

So few of yet so many truly understand their gifts

And understand the reason God has placed them on His list

Of gifted individuals to do a work for Him

They could not of their own accord find talents for in them

They often say they have no gifts for sharing what God gave

When after dying on the cross Christ rose up from the grave

But in so doing they portray a lack of faith within

And in a way they reproduce the first of all our sin

For was it not in doubting what God said that led Eve wrong

Was it not doubt that influenced her thoughts to go along

With what the serpent told her while he hung there in the tree

That led to her betraying God as well as you and me

So is it any better for the ones that God has blessed

To fail Him while believing He won't mold them for the test

Of sharing of His blessings in the things they say and do

When given chance to witness to the ones He brings us to

By saying I'm not able to speak as another can

When it's not your ability that God has in His plan

For He has the ability it's just your will He needs

When placing you within the path for one He intercedes

And when you are most willing to allow His Word to speak

Though knowing in yourself among all others you are weak

God takes the little that you have and makes it large for Him

In heaven's eyes as He prepares redemption's plan for them

To shine through revelation of His Spirit's work in you

Not focused on the weakened things in character you do

But focused on those moments when your heart is truly His

And you become the tool He uses at a time like this

When all the world is focused on itself not on God's Word

And few there be that worship Him who do what they have heard

As by His Spirit they can hear the Truth the Life the Way

Encourage them to give their all in service everyday

So friend if you've been doubtful of God's plan and work in you

Don't follow in the footsteps as young Adam failed to do

But in your faith-filled confidence trust what the Lord has said

And trust He will not fail to work through you where you are led

Hebrews 2:9-15; John 16:7-14

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