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Daily Inspiration

What Cost the Morning

When rising in the morning for the day you have ahead

Is it among your first thoughts how your actions might be led

To lift another soldier who has fallen in the field

Or comfort one who's thinking that their fate with God is sealed

Is it to go off racing to achieve some earthly goal

To have your name with honor read upon some worldly roll

Or is it just to know that when your day on earth is done

Someone saw Him reflected from your time with God as one

Or is it just your purpose to survive without a cause

To live your life each moment without taking time to pause

Considering the future and the reason you are here

And why in your position you've survived another year

For in one of these options we will find ourselves to be

Attentive to the future or just lost in history

Aware there must be something God's in store for us to do

Or fatalistically just thinking maybe we'll go through

Another day not knowing if we'll see another night

Not knowing if there's any hope of seeing through the fight

The victory God's promised for the host of the redeemed

Because that most important time with God was not esteemed

As being fundamental to the reason we are here

When God can make His Person in His people crystal clear

While spending time together meditating in His Word

And listening not speaking when His Spirit can be heard

To give to us direction with His caveat of peace

Not worried for the future as we give Him full release

Abandoning our full control to what He'd have us be

As we reflect His will in us for other folks to see

And more than that to be made in the image of His Son

That He through us might also do the things that He has done

In healing lives once broken to reviving life anew

In those who still need time to see what God would have them do

To be prepared for glory not much longer to be seen

When Christ returns in splendor to receive the pure and clean

Who've washed their lives each morning in their time before the cross

Embracing their first thoughts with Him Who paid the greatest Cost

Psalm 55:16-23; 63:1-11

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