Daily Inspiration


How is it we can think ourselves so mighty in the end

When for our very breath of life on Jesus we depend

Each heartbeat and each fiber in our nerves can only be

Enabled by the One true God Who rules eternity

For it is sadly comical to hear what some will say

How they have power in themselves to make their way each day

And power to enforce their will on what will happen next

When they can't even answer questions that keep them perplexed

Like how can just a little clay become humanity

How did the first life enter in the cell we cannot see

Or even how did that first cell design itself at all

When it had not a brain to think or past it could recall

And how can we have energy when life has left our soul

To think that from another place we still pursue some goal

When evidence is clearly shown that dust returns to dust

And nothing still means nothing when we have no mind to trust

Another Who is waiting Who knows what will be our end

Who made in our beginning all on which we now depend

And Who provides that energy so many see as god

When without Him we'd have no life or hope upon this sod

To see another second let alone another year

To even have a simple thought of why we might be here

When that's the most important question we should ask of all

What is my purpose in the mind of Him by Whom I'm called

For if we can be candid do we really find true joy

In planning for a future when reality annoys

Us with the fact we have not an assurance we will see

Tomorrow or this evening without some great tragedy

That will end our tomorrows as well as our here and now

Without realizing who God is and why and when and how

He wants and plans to use us in His kingdom here on earth

A purpose He has always had in mind before our birth

So friend if I might help you look beyond the things you see

To what the scriptures say God's planned for our eternity

Might I suggest you also take some time to know the One

Who'll meet you when He comes again and all our work is done

James 4:13-17; Ecclesiastes 3:1-22


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