Daily Inspiration

One Example

There's only One I choose to please each morning on my knees

The only One Who knows my heart and all my works He sees

The Father Son and Holy Ghost the Three as God in One

Most clearly represented in the Person of the Son

Who lived each day exemplary of what we need to be

Devoted to our walk with Him Who holds eternity

And Who sees every moment all the heart ache we go through

But never leaves us on our own as other folks might do

For He has given promise in the premise of His Word

Expounded by the writers as they wrote each word they heard

Of how His grace can save us when we live as one with Him

A living testimony of His love to all of them

Who've yet to come to know Him as one's privileged to do

As Lord and God and Saviour Who makes every soul brand new

When turning from the past we've known we give our all to Him

Rejecting every sin we've done and leaving all of them

To Him to cast away from us no more for us to bear

As clothed in His own righteousness for them we need not care

For as He's taught for centuries His blood takes every stain

And bleaches it as white as snow no more as ours again

And then of all the wonders He adopts us as His own

Blest children that will occupy a place upon His throne

As royal priests in heaven where the saints will ever shine

Because they've kept the promises of God in heart and mind

And shared them with the nations through their lives and testament

One people with One Holy God the way that Jesus meant

When calling us His body He made all of us as one

With Him our Head that guides our work in all that must be done

To show there is none other that can do as He can do

Though many try to tell us they know other gods who do

But only He Who bought us with His blood upon the cross

And rose again can have the power to seek and save the lost

And also by His station live within the hearts of men

The perfect Lamb of sacrifice that takes away our sin

And soon will do as He has promised through His prophesy

Return to take His chosen Home to live eternally

Isaiah 53:1-12; 1:16-18; 1 Peter 2:5-10

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