Daily Inspiration


The morning is glowing so cloudless and clear

This last day to greet us of this passing year

So much in the future that yet lies ahead

Still beckons us listen to its voice instead

Of past pain and sorrow who constantly call

For us to be focused on how we did fall

Instead of the promise we have in God's Word

That still we have His voice in which can be heard

Assurance and meaning for all that has been

To make mold and fashion us not by our sin

But by Him Who gave us the all that He is

That we might in faithfulness take of our this

And give as He's given no more for ourselves

But for those in darkness still under the spells

The devil's still casting to make us like him

Destroying God's image in each one of them

Who watch not for Jesus but for what might be

Their gainful excitement in perversity

Or riches and glory that Satan holds out

For those who still wander in darkness and doubt

But we do have promise that what might have been

The unsought for moment we suffered from sin

Or lost one in sadness we'd held close and dear

Will not last much longer as Jesus is near

Not just in His Spirit but in His return

To call those from sleeping and those who have learned

That only are waiting to be with Him then

Will be firmly grounded in sight of all men

As His Who has called us from darkness to light

No more hopeless servants of this world's sore night

But bright beams of glory to Him Who gave all

To save those still stumbling who look as to fall

But who will still choose Him Who calls through His Word

And saves for the future the souls that have heard

And answered in chorus with angels to Him

This year that is coming will be His in them

Psalm 91:1-16; 23:1-6


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