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It seems I'm often so confused about where I should go

About how I should plan my life with little that I know

About my life tomorrow and the people I might meet

Or place I might be called to go both far or down the street

But really do I need to know what might be next for me

Is it so all important that I know my destiny

Before I choose where I'll go next or what I'll do or say

To try to have a better work or more successful day

For really if I try to wait to see what's next for me

I'll simply waste away my life with little that I'll see

Of true success or full reward if I could never find

A focus for the here and now to occupy my mind

That gets me off dead center back to the reality

That I'm the only one who has the mast'ry over me

To move ahead in my regard with choices that I choose

Or let some other person choose what I should gain or lose

For if I am that foolish that I just let life pass by

Without pursuing some new goal before I fade and die

Then I'll be none the wiser for the loss I suffered here

Nor will I know the greatest joy that might be oh so near

Awaiting my acceptance by my attitude's response

To challenges I'm bound to meet when I'm no more ensconced

In fear or doubt or laziness whatever's captured me

Or keeps me from a solid goal steeped in my lethargy

But if I grasp the moment giving all I've got to give

To an endeavor that will make my life a life to live

Enjoying new experience and new folks that I meet

Then no matter what goals I make I'll never know defeat

For every day will be to me exciting from its start

As I observe each moment as my time to have a part

In making something different making something count for good

Like sitting still without a plan for living never could

So friend if you're still wond'ring what your next move here should be

Just make your move and get to work pursuing what you see

Might be an opportunity for changing bad to good

Whatever give it all you've got the way you know you should

Deuteronomy 6:5; Ecclesiastes 9:10; James 4:13-17

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