Daily Inspiration

Green-Eyed Monster

A stale mist often gathers in the heart of jealousy

And blinds the painful bearer to the truth they cannot see

Of all the many blessings they've been given from the Lord

So often sore neglected if not totally ignored

For jealousy's a demon who knows how to rule the heart

Knows how to take another soul and tear it all apart

By words and selfish actions that can please the enemy

Down deep within the victim that no mortal eye can see

But demons aren't invincible as often they can seem

And quickly can be driven from the hearts of the redeemed

When seeing how they've hurt someone whom they profess to love

They seek that grace from Jesus Christ the Bible tells us of

That grace that's not just given for the bad things that we've done

But also makes and molds us in the image of God's Son

And helps us with a humble heart to go to those we've bruised

And heal the heart we've trampled on and painfully abused

And grace is also thankful to be utilized for this

To be found in the bearer as the blessing not to miss

That is by God poured out on us each time we come to Him

So thankful for the blessings and the value found in them

That we have been most honored to bestow on others too

By thoughtful words and actions in the things we say and do

Reflective of our Saviour and the grace He sends our way

The grace that looks beyond our sin to what He had to pay

That was and is the reason we can come to Him right now

And ask Him through His Holy Spirit to direct us how

We can mend broken bridges in relationships we've strained

Like He's restored the garments that our sinful lives have stained

So friend if for some reason jealousy has had its way

In making you look brutish in the things you've had to say

Don't linger but be quick to seek the Lord for wisdom's prize

And share repentant sorrow that can be seen in your eyes

And then be ever thankful for the blessings in your life

So thankful that you focus on the good things not on strife

And covenant to be the all God's planning you to be

In honor of the gifts you'll bear for all eternity

1 Corinthians 12:1-13:13


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