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So very many options that we have before us now

So very many options if someone would tell us how

To choose the very best ones that will guide our way aright

And help us be God's instruments in leading to the Light

Those who have yet to meet Him Who has placed us here for them

To share through fulfilled promises the Truth that comes from Him

Those promises in scripture that tell us what we can be

When we place all we have and are before His Majesty

As children born of Royalty for that's just what we are

When we accept His call for us to serve Him near and far

To open to them daily that have yet to know His name

The love that heaven pours on us as He gives us the same

Directions for the future that He gave the ones before

Not less than they were needing and most cases nothing more

Than He saw in His wisdom they were needing for each day

The way He wants to do for us as we walk in His Way

For if we are assuming in the efforts we put forth

To make the path that we should walk east west or south or north

Then surely we'll meet failure if without Him we decide

The course without His leading by our true and faithful Guide

For as Christ gave His promise in the scriptures long ago

Of His great Holy Spirit Who is here to let us know

The path and work before us He is here to also be

Our Comforter and Wisdom in the course we cannot see

But has been planned before us long before we each were born

To make us lights to heaven and His clarions to warn

The world the end's soon coming and our only sure defense

Is found in time with Jesus as we watch in real suspense

The miracles still waiting to be seen by those who go

Before the world with courage in a path they've yet to know

But certain of the outcome as is promised in God's Word

When Jesus comes in glory to receive us heavenward

Where all will be revealed to us all past ways will be known

As in the courts of heaven's light each moment will be shown

How as we prayed and focused on what God would have us do

He led in ways unnumbered to the Home He's brought us to

Psalm 25:1-21; 31:1-3; 32:8; John 16:7-14

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