Daily Inspiration

The Day After Christmas

Another day for Christmas but this day is not the same

As people rush from store to store for others that they blame

Who did not care to listen or read what was on their list

Now in their haste and bustle there's those bargains that are missed

But how I sometimes wonder is our attitude the same

Are we so proud and selfish that we also cast the blame

When things don't go as wanted in our plan for what will be

That we blame God for what He's failed upon our list to see

That we thought was important for the joy that we might have

For all the fame and fortune that might line our earthly path

Or just for peaceful splendor we were hoping to receive

We thought was ours for taking if we only would believe

The way we've heard from others who professed good fortune too

Would come to those who filled the coffers as they're told to do

By many who will teach you of prosperity to come

To those who give them plenty from the work that they have done

But planning for prosperity without consulting God

To see if that's what's in His plan within the path you trod

Is at the least quite foolish and the most absurd to me

As we can't even see beyond the forest for the tree

That is to say this moment is the only one we have

The only one we know for sure to have within our path

For in the next might come to us a travesty unknown

And there will cease to be for us a path that might be sown

With blessings we've been trusted with to share with those less blest

As in our push for our pursuits we gave away our best

To those who did not need it only wanting for their own

The fruits of those who gave their best to those they had not known

To be the devil's agents to distract the saints of God

From really knowing what He's done to light the path we trod

That's only found in personal communion at His feet

That we can share with others later in the path we meet

That will survive this moment to the next eternally

As every effort we expend will help another see

The Gift that God has given need not ever be returned

As we will have that treasured peace of which from Him we've learned

Matthew 11:27-30; Luke 9:23-24; John 6:37


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