Daily Inspiration

Do We Remember?

A day we all remember yet for what we oft forget

This day that's known as Christ's Mass that most celebrate and yet

It seems so little Jesus is a part of it today

That many never speak His name in anything they say

For sure it's not His birthday as that day is yet unknown

For that day in the scriptures is not for us purely shown

But what this season represents is in the scriptures clear

And should be in all Christians harbored in their hearts most dear

For Christ's mass that we celebrate is more than just a tail

More than a fable exercised each winter without fail

It truly is God's Present that was hung upon a tree

Just thirty short years later on the hill called Calvary

As Mary's Lamb born for our sins grew like the ones He's saved

The ones of us who seek His grace to walk the path He paved

With His own blood to make us one in heart and word and song

To show us by His victory our faith could not go wrong

If trusting Him through promises we find within His Word

We turn back to the angel's song that all the shepherds heard

When startled by that holy light among their flocks that night

They ran to glorify the Child Who came to make things right

But solemnly I must admit we too are oft today

Embroidered in that pattern of the cloth we put away

As only superficial for the time that's shortly here

And fall back to our old ways for another godless year

But some are not so hollow when this seasons gone away

Some truly live the meaning of the loving things they say

And try to live like Christmas everyday 'til its return

By sharing what Christ shared with us when He was here in turn

Of good will in their blessing to each precious soul they meet

Of grace that's filled with mercy that resides at Jesus' feet

Of loving faithful service to our Maker and our King

As we look after others through their pain and suffering

So if you've missed the meaning of this time we celebrate

As long as you draw breath my friend in truth it's not too late

Just take that time to focus on what brings you close to Him

And let His scriptures mold you through the power found in them

Luke 2:1-20; John 5:37-47; 15:26-27


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