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Sometimes and all too often I'll admit I do not spend

The time in close communion with my closest dearest Friend

That for me's most important if I truly want to be

At home among the angels in God's joy eternally

For often I'm distracted by the other things I find

That press down hard upon me filling up my simple mind

When if I'd just prioritize more time to spend with Him

I'd find there's ample time to spend addressing all of them

And more than that I'd find that many of those things I see

That weigh so heavily at times upon the heart of me

In fact do not have weight at all when placed where they belong

Within the hands of Him Who sees what's really right and wrong

For me to try to carry as He knows more than I do

He knows the many different things and places I go through

He knows what I can handle and what battles should be fought

And what will help me to succeed or bring my work to nought

And He knows what will lead me to that precious place with Him

Where I can fellowship in joy with all the seraphim

Who've watched and walked and guarded every step on earth I take

And guided to this moment when I live for Jesus' sake

Instead of living for myself to do what I would do

Assuming in my foolish thoughts each feeling I go through

Is safe for me to follow when my feelings are at best

Just part of how God leads me as I face my daily test

To see if I am worthy of the privilege He shares

Of knowing every moment spent with Him how much He cares

And how much He is focused on those things I say and do

That help another sinner like myself to make it through

Another day much closer to Him than we were before

Much closer to the Son of God Who could not show us more

Than He's already shown us through the Price He paid for me

When willingly He placed Himself in love upon that tree

So now I pray and promise as my Lord in me does live

From this day and this moment all the more for Him I'll give

In prayerful contemplation trusting He will make ends meet

While first I place my all for Him before His nail scarred feet

Matthew 6:19-34; John 15:7-16

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