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Daily Inspiration

For Me

He suffered not because of me but for His love for me

When there two thousand years ago He hung upon that tree

And tasted of that bitter cup that would be mine to taste

For all the times I went my way and spent my life in waste

He cried out in His agony not for my pain He bore

But as His heart bore all the pain as separation tore

By my sins His connection with His Father up above

Who likewise made this Sacrifice that broke His heart in love

But though He made this Sacrifice and died upon that tree

And suffered more than we can know in perfect agony

The knowledge He was given through all that which He had done

Made worth it that great sacrifice if we could be as one

By my choice to receive Him through His grace I don't deserve

That I might have that home on high He holds there in reserve

Where we can sit together feasting on the victuals there

Communing after dinner in that wondrous place we'll share

And where we'll walk together with my hand tucked safe in His

Where I will feel those precious scars and say, “My Lord why this?”

But will not need reminding as I look into His eyes

And see the depth of love He bears that would not compromise

When tempted by the devil not to waste His life on mine

When tempted not to stay upon that cross that was God's sign

Of what true love would do for those who might be born again

And choose Him as the only Way to overcome their sin

That's been our separation from that life that we might choose

That life that can begin today that we will never lose

That life of love and promise soon to be our destiny

Because of what He did for us that day upon the tree

And for what He's now doing in that temple up above

That temple where He ministers for me still out of love

Where each day as I falter and confess my sins to Him

He still applies His precious blood to cover all of them

But soon His work will finish as He leaves those courts above

And comes in royal splendor that the scriptures tell us of

And if I want to be among the faithful with Him then

I pray He gives me grace today no more to fall to sin

Luke 23:24-47; Psalm 22:1; Matthew 27:46-50; Revelation 3:18-22

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