Daily Inspiration

The Gift of Suffering

How often are we thankful for those times of suffering

That mold and form our characters for heaven's offering

Assuming not but knowing without doubt our God is real

And does not want us functioning alone on what we feel

But on the things He's promised where He's led us in the past

What scripture has informed us will be ours when at last

We see the Lord a coming as He's promised He will do

And walk with Him in heaven where He's soon to take us to

You say it's not that easy and in truth your words are true

For in this world's reality those things we often do

When we are tired and suffering and think we're nearly done

It's easier to be alone not seeing anyone

But when we let emotions take and lead us in a way

That interrupts our planning for another perfect day

To let the light of heaven shine through all we say and do

We also miss the blessing that is there for me and you

The blessing seen in others who have walked this way before

Some who have suffered little others who have suffered more

But many who have found a way to trust not what they feel

But trust instead the promises they've come to know as real

Real because He Who made us breathed His Spirit in our soul

Knows everything that's happening can help to make us whole

When focused on for what it is and what God has in mind

For those who trust His every word and have in heart resigned

Themselves to letting Jesus be their Truth and Life and Way

To letting Him take all we are and bear us through our day

Within His arms that cannot fail and will not let us down

Until we're firmly planted by His side on holy ground

Where no more will we suffer no more will we walk alone

No more will our intention be to go it on our own

Because we'll have a multitude of others by our side

Who like us learned when needed most where we were to abide

In prayerful steps not stopping but in progress heading home

Assured by what God shared with us our work was not to roam

But to be very certain in each step we take with Him

The place they soon will take us will be worth each one of them

John 3:14-18; Isaiah 41:10; Hebrews 2:9-11; Romans 8:17-18


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