Daily Inspiration

The Need

So many people needing to be heard and touched and healed

So many in frustration as it seems no one can feel

The hurt the pain the sorrow from a loved one they have lost

Or from the loss of family their actions may have cost

So many seeking something that will fill that cavity

That keeps their soul decaying from that spiritual disease

That rages deep within them out of mind and out of sight

Of others who might see them who might share with them the Light

That's not consumed by darkness not deferred by those who say

There's only here and now we have no hope beyond today

That Light that carries promise of a brighter day ahead

When Christ returns in glory for the waiting and the dead

Who sleeping now will meet Him in the clouds up in the sky

To go with Him to Glory where the saints will never die

But will enjoy communion with the One they worshiped here

The One Who taught us serving Him was out of love not fear

The love that's just responding to the love that was poured out

By God upon Mount Calvary that taught us all about

The Sacrifice that He would give to make us whole again

That would remove our guilt and shame and whiten every stain

Of sin that we've committed whether known or by mistake

That God so willingly prepared to give just for love's sake

Reserving not one inkling of the Price that must be paid

When He through Christ upon that cross chose not to leave but stayed

Because He could not bear the thought that anyone might be

Among the lost who pay the cost of their iniquity

When He would pay it for them if they'd just accept God's grace

And let His Spirit fill them with that fullness found in faith

That comes when shared by others who reach out to those they see

In pain or hurt or burdened by their loss or history

Applying love as God applies His love to us each day

Through wondrous things He does and words of love we hear Him say

When taking time to meet Him to recharge our souls inside

To be His loving instruments through which love is applied

To those He shows us needing to be healed and touched and heard

With love that reaches through our acts and comforts through our words

James 1:1-27


Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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