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Transparency is often touted by some that we meet

To be their only policy with everyone they greet

But if we watch them long enough we'll often see something

That makes us doubt veracity in much of what they bring

And then in our confusion with their words and acts we see

We start to doubt the truth of others who with us might be

Just struggling with their living in this broken world of ours

Where many think they know enough to live in ivory towers

But no one truly knows the heart and what's held deep inside

Affecting all they do and say when they go off and hide

From life and all the consequences from the past they've known

And from the seeds back in their youth they foolishly had sown

And fearing that rejection that confession often brings

They struggle hard to make a show of all the other things

They think will make them popular should bad things come to light

In hopes that most will choose them now and not what lies in sight

Of all the world to see and hear and judge as they so choose

That may cause them their precious little spot in life to lose

When what is most important is not focused on at all

The way they choose to answer Him Who offers them His call

To truly be transparent laying all upon the line

To be for Him a testimony built by His design

Who once was faulty frail and foolish until they met Him

Who by His miracle of grace performed His will in them

By taking what they offered of their brokenness in life

That marred and fractured vessel one more casualty of strife

And sometimes even crush it more to blend with perfect grace

That makes them gorgeous works of art before the Potter's face

Wherein He can place beauty that's not fashioned by mankind

But fashioned by the Lord of all Who leaves no part behind

But those parts He's not needing to make them what they might be

To share the beauty of His grace they found at Calvary

So next time you meet someone who proclaims transparency

Just know there will come something from their past you're sure to see

But also know you might be there as answer to their prayer

To show to them when truth be known the Light of Him Who cares

Matthew 5:1-16; John 8:1-12


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