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Daily Inspiration


A myriad of angels wait to hear the Lord's command

To come as one in number at the time that God has planned

Before the throne of Jesus for a time of jubilee

And escort Him from heaven as the ones He left did see

Him rise up into heaven in a chariot of clouds

Proclaiming to His people with a trumpet blast so loud

The mountains will all tremble as the eyes of all will see

The glory of our Saviour full displayed in panoply

But though it will be glorious when our Lord returns again

To draw the saint to heaven where there'll be no more of sin

There'll also be a sorry in the heart of Him who died

And rose again our Surety when He was crucified

A sorrow for the many who chose Satan over Him

By all the acts of selfishness that ruled the hearts of them

That never really gave them joy they thought that they might find

While focused on the worldly things that occupied their minds

And kept them ever thinking just a little more will do

A little more of this or that that might be old or new

But tempted them to look beyond what stood before their eyes

The beauty of an endless love that is the greatest Prize

That love that's found in Jesus Son of God and Son of Man

Who blended with humanity that all might understand

That valued most beyond this place where Satan has control

Is that which mirrors Christ in us and satisfies the soul

That selfless will for giving 'til there's nothing more to give

That leads a soul to ponder what it truly takes to live

In joy and peace and happiness that's not supplied by things

But by a daily walk with Him from Whom salvation springs

Like waters in a garden giving life where're it goes

Not standing still to stagnate but receiving as it flows

Its joy and satisfaction from the help of life it brings

That places in the hearts of those a melody that sings

Of those who will be ready when that jubilee begins

And in the clouds of glory our eternal God descends

And takes those home to heaven who gave all they were to Him

When He revealed His timeless grace that touched the hearts of them

Acts 1:7-11; Revelation 1:7; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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