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Daily Devotional

Two Judgements One Cross

The blatant lack of sanity that's in the world today

The evil and profanity that's always on display

The focus on shear vanity that fills the hearts of men

Is simply pointing to the fact we're living in the end

For as the scriptures tell us as it was in Noah's day

When all men's thoughts were evil without reason want to pray

So will it be when Jesus does return to take us Home

To where He is preparing where the saints will never roam

For way back then when Noah was a building on the Ark

Away from every seaport on dry land within a park

Where people thought him crazy foolish for what he believed

He knew for all appearance he was not the one deceived

For God did give them warning for one hundred twenty years

To turn from their obsession and to open up their ears

To hear of their salvation He had planned that He would give

If they would simply enter in the Ark that they might live

But evil ways were rampant in the hearts of those who heard

And nothing that was said to them could change them not one word

As they just sought frivolity to entertain their minds

Not knowing of the judgement that would leave them all behind

And so as right before them God's great message was displayed

They practiced their iniquity and in their evil played

Deriding he who shared with them the judgement soon to come

Not knowing they were soon to pay the full eternal sum

For all abominations that they freely chose to do

And all the pain and heartache they put God's disciple through

Who tried to give them warning with his motive only love

In hope that they would see the truth and turn to God above

Was soon to meet its reckoning as it will meet again

But this time not by flood but by God's fire it will end

And not by ark but chariot will faithful ones be saved

A chariot of angels on the highway that was paved

With blood that flowed from Calvary between that time and now

An ensign to the Love of God raised high to show us how

Salvation back in Noah's day and that we're soon to see

Were both based on the Price God paid that day on Calvary

Genesis 6:5-8; Matthew 24:25-39

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