Daily Devotional

The Greatest Joy

There is no greater Joy than that that comes from knowing God

From knowing every step we take upon this earthly sod

Is well within His keeping from the morning when we rise

Until we lay ourselves to rest and daylight finally dies

That joy that meets us in His grace when waking from our sleep

That gives us an assurance that each step of ours He'll keep

Within the precincts of His love where ere our path may lead

If conscientiously we live His love and law to heed

For though we may not see Him and at times we chance to doubt

We've every reason in this world to trust He'll help us out

Of every situation that may lead to our demise

If we by faith will focus on the love in Jesus' eyes

That love that flows through stories that we find within His Word

That from our youth if fortunate from childhood we have heard

Or if not then from listening to what He's sharing now

We see God's love in sacrifice when Jesus taught us how

To take each day in promise as a gift that comes from Him

To everyone who longs to have His Spirit dwell in them

Who longs for home in heaven where the sinner never dies

For sin will never rise again up there beyond the skies

Or ever in this universe when God makes all things new

Accomplishing the final work He started here to do

As through His chosen people those who focused on His Word

No sentiment of selfishness will ever there be heard

Because each soul will love Him Who first loved them most of all

From long before the angels knew that we would ever fall

And made us fully knowing of the Price He'd have to pay

That would leave scars upon Him that would never go away

For reasons we will ever and forever without end

Try earnestly to study as we try to comprehend

How He so purely perfect could love us so weak and frail

And choose to place in us His joy and life that will not fail

But will through endless ages just grow stronger everyday

In those who laid the world aside to walk the narrow Way

Who wanted nothing more than to be known as those who tried

To represent the perfect love for which our Savour died

John 15:1-12; James 4:5-10; John 17:20-26

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