Daily Devotional


As Christians we're familiar with the story of the cross

How God gave His Beloved Son to save us from the lost

Of how He came that precious Babe way back in Bethlehem

And lived a life of service through the love that dwelt in Him

We know of His disciples and how they all followed Him

And saw the mighty miracles He did in front of them

Like changing water into wine and walking on the sea

From healing broken wounded hearts and cleansing leprosy

And even casting devils out of men and women too

Delivering them from the power that evil made them do

To breathing life back into those whom He knew would reveal

How truly God's amazing grace was tangible and real

And then we know the story of how He was crucified

Rejected bruised and beaten hung upon that cross and died

Two thieves on either side of Him to illustrate the truth

How though His love's the same to us what counts is how we choose

To either trust Him as our Lord and lay our burdens down

Or flatly turn away from Him and leave that hallowed ground

Where He holds out His mercy that forgives the things we've done

That makes us clean and new again to live with Him as one

Or will we like the penitent who cried out in despair

Lean on the mercy of the One Who taught us of God's care

By asking God's forgiveness for the ones who nailed Him there

Who placed on Him the mocking crown of thorns He had to wear

But even though we know these things and really so much more

How does it make a difference in the life we're living for

How does it make us different for the world at large to see

Are we to be admired for His love in you and me

Or are we simply living for the little time we have

Pursuing nothing special that might light another's path

With hope of love eternal in those mansions up above

Where all is pure and holy wrapped within our Father's love

That once was stretched upon a cross to beckon you and me

To fully give our lives to Him to be what we can be

A people not just knowing of the Saviour of mankind

But living by His Spirit to save all that we can find

Deuteronomy 7:9; 30:20; Micah 6:8; Mark 12:29-31

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