Daily Devotional

Two Paths

The path to one's insanity is never far away

If in their rush to live their life they never stop to pray

Acknowledging the one true God Who made them who they are

Who made this world we walk upon and filled the sky with stars

Nor is one's reason balanced if the world is all they know

If all they choose to focus on is when to stop and go

With others who've abandoned hope for only what they see

No thoughts of what tomorrow holds for our eternity

Eternity that's destined to be what we choose to be

A Home in the eternal realms or just a memory

That lingers in the mind of God Who'll only be the One

Remembering the lost of earth who chose another son

The son born of perdition the foreboding antichrist

Who reigns and rules the hearts of men for gain at any price

Who makes himself appear as one who's trusted and revered

While by his greed and avarice the name of God is smeared

Who dons himself with great display while others suffer need

And cares not for the lowly ones who for his mercy plead

But cares more for the power of the dragon he obeys

Who knows his time is limited to few not many days

To tempt and try the Godly who have laid this world aside

Who've chosen to be like the Son Who lived like them and died

Who tempted tried and beaten never lost His trust in God

But lived as our Example showing us the path to trod

That leads to health and happiness with heaven as our goal

That looks for those who need our help in life to make them whole

That lifts the weary heads of those who fought so long in vain

To show them that with Jesus Christ there's so much more to gain

As joy that knows no limits comes to those who stop and pray

Attending to the Word of God at start of everyday

Wherein His Holy Spirit is awaiting those who leave

The burdens of the world behind His blessings to receive

And where there's great assurance He will occupy our minds

To guide us to His glory He has promised we will find

When we as one together overcome the enemy

By grace through faith embracing Truth for all eternity

Deuteronomy 30:15-20; John 14:6


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