Daily Devotional

The Question

What is the very purpose of your being here my friend

When all things for a season live and then they reach their end

And come not like some people teach again and then again

To be another creature or another soul in sin

For many are the teachings and the ways they'd have us think

These people who deny our God and write their thoughts in ink

Upon a page of parchment or on linen fine and dry

To capture our attention and to captivate the eye

Some teach that in our passing that our spirit is released

To pass into another form that soon will be deceased

And from one to another we continue thus to go

To be another person in whose form we do not know

While others teach that heaven is the place we do ascend

Forever to be present in a life that does not end

While watching those we knew before suffer the pains of life

Enduring daily challenges that often end in strife

And still some teach that once you're gone you're gone eternally

No more a thought or whisper throughout all eternity

A vapor that just lived once with no real impact at all

Not bound by our morality that's suffered since the fall

So where is there an answer with a monocle on truth

A single focused precept for the aged and the youth

That we might truly comprehend what happens when we're gone

From what we call the present will there be another dawn

Well if we trust the Bible the unerring word of God

That tells the story of the One Who walked where we must trod

Who made us with a purpose that will last eternally

Then everything we need to know is there for us to see

That while we're with the living ours is to embrace the cross

Where Jesus died to pay the Price to save the ones He lost

To evil lust and envy greed and malice of all kind

To bring again His perfect grace that purifies the mind

To have us know Him deeply through the study of His Word

Wherein the Truth we're looking for can be discerned and heard

Where now you have the question find the answer if you will

For God is waiting there my friend to share His answer still

Isaiah 58:1-4; John 8:36-40; 14:6

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