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Daily Devotional

Pastor's and Their Kids

Oh horrid truth and oft denied within the church today

A pastor's child can be the worst to up and walk away

From God and from His Bible and the Truth that lies therein

To compromise their soul away in Satan's world of sin

Not always bold and open as we see so many do

But often very subtly in phases they go through

That entertained a notion someone shared with them at camp

Or simply stole away the Light that once had been their Lamp

For Satan sees a target in the ones who testify

That they've been given light from God to give a certain cry

To all the world to follow Him along His narrow path

That leads to God's eternal gift and not His final wrath

And those whom he sees working for the harvest of the Lord

Are those whom he works hardest to make sure his kids ignore

The principles of godliness the world has need to see

That should be shining brightest in a godly family

And as his children wander so the pastor tends to flee

The Standards he once held aloft with strict integrity

Assuming that his faithfulness to God's to great a price

And choosing the affection of his children over Christ

Until not just his children but his flock is wayward too

By compromises that they see their pastor say and do

And God is just a byword passing through their lips each day

To make them feel more holy in the worldly things they say

But compromise is never what the Lord would have us do

Pretending all is well no matter what we put Christ through

While claiming to be righteous we condemn ourselves to hell

And take the ones God's given us to judgement's seat as well

To face our final record where the way that we did choose

Will be exposed to everyone whom we did cause to lose

The promise of eternal life because of compromise

When living by a loving faith would have been Godly wise

So friend if you're a pastor or the child of one who's tried

And tempted by the devil's ways for which our Saviour died

Look fully at the cross of Christ and all that He went through

And question is it really worth the sin you're want to do

Galatians 6:14; Hebrews 3:5-6; 6:1-6

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