Daily Devotional

When a Man Becomes a Man

When does a man become a man at age or early youth

When should he be expected to stand all alone on Truth

When should his life reflect the One Who gave His all for him

When should he see in others blessings he might bring to them

When does a man who holds the lives of others in his hands

Accept responsibility for how he keeps God's plans

Through words and by example in the options he must choose

Securing those entrusted with the souls he must not lose

Is it when he's been prodded by his mother's loving words

From way back in the cradle in those stories that he heard

Of heroes from the Bible who let God have full control

To save His wayward children from the devil's evil goal

Or is it by example that his father lives to give

Of how a man is faithful in the way that he must live

Defending those more feeble who have been trusted to him

And working hard providing what is needed most for them

Or maybe there's no father or a mother that he knew

When should he be expected to live like a man must do

To break the mold created by the void left in his life

To be a loving father and a husband to one wife

That sees in him a treasure God's created him to be

Who seeks each day God's favor through his own integrity

He lays before his Maker his Creator and his King

In dedication of his will in all and everything

That he might be that channel God's created him to be

Not holding to excuses of his painful history

But holding to the promises his Father died to give

Sealed by the cross of Calvary where Jesus died to live

Within the heart of every man who chooses not to go

Down that path of destruction that the lost of earth will know

If not led by example of the men God calls today

To be the light of life for Him to show the world the Way

By prayerful Bible study looking more and more to Christ

Adhering to His principles for life at any price

That everyone might see in him what God wants them to see

A man who came to manhood at the cross of Calvary

Proverbs 23:26

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