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Daily Devotional

The Way

It's pointless to believe a man convinced against his will

Is not within his heart of hearts of the opinion still

That he held from beginning of his discourse he had learned

From someone he respected from whom he had never turned

But sometimes in our learning we have need that we should see

The weakness and the limits found in our humanity

And trust not from the teacher all the things that he might say

Until we have compared it with the One True Living Way

The Way that means salvation from beginning to the end

The Way Who left His mighty throne to cleanse the world of sin

The Way Who spoke creation into being with One Word

The Way Who died upon the cross and would not be detoured

From doing what He'd chosen long before this world began

Full knowing He would have to die to save the soul of man

If He would give him freedom found in His eternal love

That only holds the Light of Life found on His throne above

Where dwells our great eternal King our Maker and our God

Who rules eternity's expanse with holy Staff and Rod

The Staff of His Commitment to do all that He could do

The Rod of His Commandments of what He would have us do

As each shows love unending that will lead to paradise

The Staff the Testimony and the Rod the stated Price

Of what would be expected of the ones who want to be

One with their Lord and Saviour throughout all eternity

As in our great Example Who shows us the Way of life

Who shows us in His scriptures how He dealt with daily strife

We have also Example of the loving living Way

He showed God's deep compassion to lost sinners everyday

And by His Law of Freedom that destroys the power of sin

We see through application how it frees the souls of men

From preconceived conceptions taught by those from whom they learned

But now by Loves example find it's time they sought and turned

To Him Who always loved them even when they followed wrong

But found in those who shared God's love a new enduring song

That sings of joy eternal that's found only in the Way

Of Him Who is the Staff and Rod that holds our life today

Psalm 23; John 14:6

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