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Daily Devotional


The biggest lie I learned that I was taught when I was young

Was that that was related to the use of people's tongues

How sticks and stones would break my bones of this I could be sure

But words would never hurt me and the pain I should endure

But sticks and stones don't hurt me near as much I've come to learn

As words that others throw at me each way I seem to turn

Those words of pure cold-heartedness and thoughtless injury

That sometimes hurt so badly they just drive me to my knees

That sometime even find a place upon my lips as well

And cross that threshold from my tongue in things I should not tell

And injure those most near me through the things I should not say

That make a strong impression that will never go away

For words do have a power greater than we recognize

A power far beyond the damage we see with our eyes

That strikes the very core of those with whom we chance to meet

If spoken in a manner that will cause their soul's defeat

For it was by His words that God made all eternity

And by His words made everything around us that we see

From light to life that's teeming all around us on this earth

That holds us in the balance til we find in Him rebirth

That seeks to be just like Him in the things we say and do

In words we speak to others as we see what they go through

To give them that encouragement so often hard to find

In others who have other things that occupy their minds

That keep them from attending to the ones for whom they care

Not really understanding that of which they aren't aware

Because they are too busy forming words they want to speak

Instead of words most needed by a brother that is weak

Or words just for that sister who is weathering a storm

Of deep seated emotion from relations that are torn

By something that was spoken without thinking in their haste

That left a life long friendship devastated and in waste

So friend for your own blessing don't be quick to speak your words

But think and weigh with diligence what from you will be heard

And only speak what you would want to hear if in their shoes

The words that bring a light to life that God would have you choose

James 3

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