Daily Devotional

Subtlety In What We See

So subtle yet so blatant is the enemy's assault

As anything and everything he uses to our fault

Through twisting truth perverted to deceive the souls of men

To making what is right seem wrong to draw us into sin

As if we had no reason to perceive the trap he's set

We follow his temptations to receive what we might get

Assuming in our wisdom we know where to draw the line

While almost imperceptibly we're in a slow decline

As there before our eyes portrayed are things we would not do

Those things to which he beckons us and slowly draws us to

If we by our permissiveness allow our eyes to see

The depth of sin portrayed for us with its iniquity

On TV and in movies in the cities where we live

On magazines and billboards if to them our thoughts we give

And in our conversations if we do not choose to stand

Up to the devil's agents by the grace from God's own hand

For as we lend attention to the worldly things we see

And start to give them mention to the people that we meet

We place within our psyche neuro paths to do the same

And fall beneath that power where the devil has his aim

To shoot down every Christian into failure by his lies

That tell us there's no power in what's set before our eyes

But scripture tells us clearly what we see we'll also be

If we maintain our focus on this world's perversity

So brethren and sisters start your day today with prayer

And ask the Lord to keep you very closely in His care

Reminding you each moment of the truth of what you see

To turn from all that's evil in this world's perversity

To promises in scripture to instruction in God's Word

To truths that you have proven in the sermons you have heard

To music born of heaven with its melodies of praise

That lift your eyes to heaven in these dark uncertain days

And when Christ comes in glory what you'll then see with your eyes

Will be the Truth you cherished not the filth of Satan's lies

But purity and honor from our great almighty God

Who saw the things we chose to watch while on this earth we trod

Psalm 101:3; Philippians 4:8, 9

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