Daily Devotional

Patriots of Freedom

Though many fought and died for this great land of liberty

The freedoms we enjoy here are in greatest jeopardy

As godlessness in many can be seen on full display

That will be quickly dealt with on that coming judgement day

For now for many reasons we've forgotten from the past

The subtle powers of darkness have assumed control in mass

And only by the grace of God have we a chance to win

A little time to warn the world of payment for their sin

That has been sore neglected that was paid for on the cross

For those who would accept Him Who died there to save the lost

And that must be accounted for when God destroys all sin

Still harbored and protected in the hearts of evil men

Who care not for each other for the precious gift of life

But choose demonic pleasure that engenders worldly strife

Not knowing they are simply pawns within the devil's hand

Destined with him to be destroyed when God takes full command

Of all creation's elements to cleanse this world at last

Erasing every mark of sin from our ungodly past

Restoring what was meant to be when He created us

To live in love and joyfulness bound to His heart in trust

That He Who is Almighty God Who's known us from the start

Who proved His love through freedom that He placed within each heart

To love Him or reject Him in however we might choose

Would rather we receive Him than His precious promise lose

His promise of salvation free to all who turn to Him

Who still for just a little while holds out His hand to them

To let Him break their bondage and set them at liberty

To share His Truth that all might have His Gift from Calvary

But only as they turn away from worldliness and vice

Accepting by the grace of God the faith of Jesus Christ

That will withstand the tempest that is soon to shake the soul

Of those who've not prepared each day with God to take control

And live as His true patriots before the eyes of them

A testament of righteousness that comes from knowing Him

Who calls on us to trust His plan and know His word is sure

That's soon to end the final war for all the just and pure

Daniel 12:1-3: Isaiah 58; Revelation 14:12

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