Daily Devotional


The lying raging evil that consumes the world today

That's evidenced in everyone that takes no time to pray

That injures to the heart of those who fall to its deceit

And will mean their destruction in that final great defeat

Is rooted in self-centeredness from eons long before

The fruit upon that evil tree was what Eve wanted more

Than living in perfection with her husband by her side

Fulfilled with every kind of joy from God's love deep inside

Far back in distant heaven when God's angels were the thing

That made all of the universe in melody to ring

In praise of glorious majesty around God's mighty throne

As nothing but pure ecstasy in Him was what was known

But mystery of mysteries some seed of evil came

To him who was the light-bearer as stated in his name

And turned his light to darkness as his pride began to be

The death of love and principle and his integrity

That somehow turned his beauty to a thing not seen before

As he became the object he thought others should adore

And using every talent God had given him for good

He twisted and perverted hoping other angels would

Be like him in rebellion to usurp God's mighty throne

That they who were the evil ones might claim it as their own

Not caring for the right of God Who formed them in His love

Just focused on their evil wants that we've been speaking of

That have no care for others no care for propriety

Despising law and order and a sense of decency

Embellishing what should be truth until it is a lie

For selfish adulation caring not for those who die

As outcome of their ruthlessness that finds its roots in him

Who finds his strength in ruining the form of God in them

Until in their destruction God will wipe them all away

When He decides to execute that final judgement day

When love will be the mystery they could not comprehend

That they will see as fire brings the devil to his end

And all who chose to honor him with selfishness and greed

Will be devoured like the root its branches fruit and seed

Isaiah 14:12-15; Matthew 13:24-30, 34-43

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