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Daily Devotional

Strength Of A Nation

The strength of every nation lies within the hearts of them

Who cherish truth and freedom and the right to follow Him

Who formed them as a people through the lessons in His Word

Because they chose to listen when His lessons could be heard

But sadly not all people who have freedom choose to be

Supportive of those principles that make that nation free

And through their self-deception selfish greed and wanton vice

Choose slavery to evil at the cost of freedom's price

And not just for themselves but all others that they know

To force them and to mold them where the masses choose to go

That leads to self destruction at the evil hands of men

Who relish at their victory to lead them into sin

Through means of entertainment that blind those who once were wise

Distorting truth with evil that they set before their eyes

Until they lose their hearing and become as deaf as well

To lessons God would share with them to save their souls from hell

But if as God has told us we will turn ourselves to Him

Not following the masses and the ones deceiving them

And pray for His forgiveness for the errors of the past

Then we might have His blessings that from Him will ever last

Until the days of plenty when our Saviour will return

To take us home to glory where forever we will learn

The lessons of salvation that we started learning here

That Satan tried distorting into reasons we should fear

The One true God Who loves us from beginning without end

Who gave to us His scriptures to uphold and to defend

As Standards of His righteousness lived by His perfect Son

Established up in heaven long before we had begun

And that will reign forever in the hearts of all who live

Eternal in His Kingdom where the saints of earth will give

Their Maker and Redeemer perfect praise for all He's done

In giving us salvation through the Person of His Son

Who lived as our Example for the purpose here revealed

That those who by obedience will be forever sealed

Because they cherished freedom more than all the world can give

And by His grace through living faith chose by His strength to live

Exodus 20:3-17; 2 Chronicles 7:14

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