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Daily Devotional

Pleasure In Knowing Him

Imagine if you can the height of pleasure in God's love

The height of knowing Him in ways no one can tell you of

The ecstasy of pleasure as you yield to Him your all

The thrill that fills your being when you hear His beckon call

Imagine spending time with Him you wish would never end

More than you've ever known before with any earthly friend

A time that's more enjoyable than any you have known

With you and Him together each the other's dearest own

Imagine there's no limit in excitement as you give

To him your full surrender every moment that you live

Withholding not an inkling in reserve because of fear

Because there is no greater love than what He offers here

Nor is there any power to excite your inmost soul

That takes you in your brokenness and makes you fully whole

Like that He wants to give you when you spend your time with Him

Beyond all comprehension in the hearts of selfish men

For nothing is so special nothing here can fill your eyes

With glories God is holding for the worthy and the wise

Who've found in Him salvation through the power of His love

That gave His full surrender in His Son come from above

Who demonstrated passion that this world has never known

Through every demonstration of God's love as it was shown

Through acts of tender mercy and His everlasting peace

That healed the brokenhearted who gave Him their full release

And energized with goodness from the glory of God's throne

Went out to every nation to make their redemption known

If they would just surrender all in joyfulness to Him

Who gave His all on Calvary because of love for them

So friend if you've not known Him as it is your right to know

Because you have accepted what He came in Christ to show

Take time today to listen to His message just for you

And listen as He shares with you what He intends to do

And let Him have your focus laying everything aside

That blocks from you the pleasure that the devil's tried to hide

That's found alone in Jesus He Who loves you without end

Who waits to share that pleasure as your dearest closest Friend

1 Corinthians 2:9-16

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