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Daily Devotional

If We Would See

If we could but draw back the veil to see what's truly there

Then we would not be hesitant to stay all day in prayer

From waking in the morning to the setting of the sun

We'd seek our God for guidance to be just like Him as one

One in our thoughts and motives one in all we say and do

To light this world in darkness with the Light that's bright and true

That's emanating constantly to those who read His Word

For all who will to listen that His message might be heard

His message of salvation that's far more than what we know

That also has a warning for the ones who choose to sow

Discord among the brethren through the lies of their deceit

That will not to be guided by the cross to Jesus' feet

That long to be important in the eyes of other men

Who hold to pride and prejudice and other deadly sins

Who will not be instructed by the Spirit of the Lord

And think themselves to vital to exist in one accord

With those who in obedience hold fast to who they are

The people of God's choosing come together from afar

From every reach and region of this earth to move as one

Abandoned to Christ's righteousness to glorify God's Son

For as God's plan has taught us our salvation is not free

But cost our God the greatest Price for our iniquity

A Price taken for granted by to many in His church

Who think they have the answers though they never truly search

His truth out like a treasure hidden in a farmer's field

Who willingly gave all he had to see what it would yield

And when he saw it's bounty could not hold his Gift inside

But ran to share his blessing with his brethren far and wide

The way we are instructed to dig deep within God's Word

To share His precious words of truth that cannot be detoured

But will by grace effect the change that all the world might see

The power of salvation that transforms both you and me

To be just like our Saviour in all things we say and do

To share His precious words of Truth with those He brings us to

As time is quickly fleeting like down feathers on the wind

And God's last call to all the world will meet its final end

Matthew 13:31-44

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