Daily Devotional

The Old Man

The old man sat there waiting watching listening to hear

If someone would be visiting as Father's Day drew near

But none would come to see him none would give him time of day

This man who once had worked so hard with little time to play

For his had been the honor of a life of plentitude

A life once filled with blessing not with gain but attitude

Of being ever thankful for his children and his wife

And health and strength to give them what they needed in this life

But as is prone to happen with the passing of the years

His precious wife had left him after many painful tears

Were shed with her departure from this life into the grave

This woman whom he cherished whom he wanted so to save

And then as time kept passing with the movement of the hands

Upon his father's time piece that cared not about his plans

He watched his children slipping into patterns of their own

That left him more without them as he sat there all alone

With just his cherished memories of happy days gone bye

Still wanting to embrace them as a tear would fill his eye

To hold them for that moment that would never let them go

Just praying for some vestige of their love that he might know

But none came out to see him none would take the time to call

None felt the need or wondered if he thought of them at all

For life was too consuming with its pleasures wants and needs

To waste their precious moments with the one whose heart still pleads

For someone to remind him of the past that he forgot

The past that once held promise when she loved me loved me not

When youth seemed never fleeting only filled with things to do

And brought with it adventure filled with wonders bright and new

That brought a zest for living serving others as he grew

Rewarded by the feeling of the good that he could do

To help another person through their struggles find a way

To look beyond the present to another coming day

That day that he now looks for when no one will ever die

When age will never matter and no tears will fill their eyes

And loved ones reunited will be parted never more

As all who lived in Jesus will find what they waited for

2 Corinthians 4:14-18; Revelation 21:1-5

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