Daily Devotional


Have we the right of passage from this life to realms above

Have we the right to tread upon those streets He paved in love

With gold as clear as crystal with its own transparency

Allowing twelve foundations for the saints of God to see

Have we the right to enter in those righteous courts up there

Where every precious soul of His has sent their earnest prayer

In deepest supplication for forgiveness from God's throne

To mold and fashion what they are to be His perfect own

And have we right to ask Him Who once laid His robes aside

Who came here as a baby lived and for transgression died

That was not His but was our own that He did not deserve

If He will hold a place for us close by Him in reserve

Where we can taste the goodness of the greatness that is His

Upon His throne in heaven where we'll know eternal bliss

Where all who once were guilty of the murder of God's Son

Who live in His forgiveness and be counted all as one

One body of believers who have far more than they know

Who have His Spirit's presence with them everywhere they go

Awaiting for their asking to make them as one again

With Christ our loving Saviour Who by grace removes all sin

That bars us from our passage to that City built foursquare

Where all is love and joyfulness for people living there

As they will have learned long before to be as one with God

Through fellowship together while upon this earth they trod

As pilgrims truly seeking to be more and more like Him

Who heard their prayers in heaven where He watched each one of them

And daily sent His angels to be there right by their side

Influenced by His Spirit in the way that they should guide

Their feet along that narrow path that led them straight to Him

Where He's prepared a special place to be as one with them

That place He calls their mansions soon to meet their weary eyes

With glories they have never known when from the grave they rise

And by the grace God's given them they lay hold on that throne

Beside the Son Who's seated there Who's called them as His own

And by the right He's given them they reign as priests and kings

Who lived by faith assured by love His blood bought everything

Revelation 21:10-27; John 14:1-4

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