Daily Devotional

In Everything

If everything means everything and everything means all

Does everything mean everything form super large to small

In issues that pertain to us from poverty to wealth

From brokenness with no relief to all enduring health

Should our approach to living be a daily wishing well

When all our circumstances seem to be a living hell

Should every base affliction that is burdening our soul

Be looked at as a blessing sent of God to make us whole

Should every constitution in our living be exposed

To questioning their future if in truth they should be closed

Because in their reality they cause more bad than good

And take more from our vital force for living than they should

And should each passing moment be considered as a gift

That makes and molds and fashions us for when the Lord will lift

Us from that dusty waiting place among that waiting throng

That will one day be raised to life to sing salvation's song

That speaks of trials that led us to the blessing of the cross

That Christ said we should bring along that none should suffer loss

That cross that is a blessing when considered from His view

That sees it as a lift to life where all things will be new

For as Christ's cross was lifted on Golgotha long ago

So our cross must to lifted that the world through us might know

The patience and humility that comes in knowing Him

Who once was lifted from the earth to save the souls of them

Who know Him as their Saviour as their Master Lord and King

Who is Almighty Sovereign God in charge of everything

Who feels our every anguish every heartache every pain

And promises a Kingdom where not one will hurt again

But will with greatest pleasure look back to the past one time

To see where every burden was a rung they had to climb

With Christ's help on that ladder that reached to eternal bliss

That they consider worth it for the Home they would not miss

That Home where none will suffer not one scar will mar their skin

Not one remembrance of the past will cause them pain again

But all will be most thankful for whatever they went through

To live in love with Jesus in that paradise made new

1 Thessalonians 5:1-18

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