Daily Devotional

One With Me

You tell Me that you love Me that My purpose is your goal

To walk that path to heaven where My grace will save your soul

To live with Me in glory where the saints forever stand

As righteous there before Me just the way that I have planned

But do you really know Me do you really understand

The purpose of My Sacrifice and all that I have planned

From when I first conceived of you before this world I made

To when I saw you on the cross where for your sins I paid

And do you comprehend the depth of what I've planned for you

The detail of each thing you see that I would have you do

That's spelled out in My scriptures in the principles you see

That speak to you of how to live to be the more like Me

Those mighty words of passion of compassion for your soul

That find you in your brokenness but long to make you whole

To raise you from the mire of sin to set your soul on high

Where one with Me in paradise your soul will never die

But will with Me continue what I started in you here

The plan for your salvation that My scriptures make quite clear

From when the first of Adam's sins condemned all men to die

To when upon that cruel cross My Son in victory cried

The words that it was finished when His blood dripped from His face

And ran down through the broken rocks to find its resting place

Upon the Ark of Covenant upon that mercy seat

Above the Law I wrote in stone beneath His bleeding feet

And do you really understand just what this means for you

How deeply everything I've done must impact what you do

How you relate to others in the things they hear and see

That must if you are truly mine reflect the good in Me

The good that is My glory that receives you as you are

That then rewrites your story from those pearly gates afar

Where soon if you are faithful to what I would have you be

You'll walk through with the children who were always true to Me

From when they found the Answer to the burden of their soul

When by My grace through living faith they reached that final goal

That culminates the story of what I would have you be

One with My heart in purpose throughout all eternity

Proverbs 23:26; 2 Corinthians 8:8, 9; John 17:5-11

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