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Daily Devotional

The Price of Separation

The distance that we often feel between ourselves and God

Is often just a consequence of paths we choose to trod

Not caused by His rejection as we're tempted oft to feel

But truly filled with danger should we fail to gain His seal

For only with the seal of God will we be welcomed in

To where the saints of God will dwell without the stain of sin

To live His life eternal where in glory we will shine

Because when tried and tempted we gave Him our heart and mind

To be His holy dwelling place reflective of His love

That place wherein His Spirit dwells like on His throne above

With full command and majesty embraced in songs of praise

Of those who have the promise He will come again and raise

The faithful from their dusty grave where they have slept at peace

Completely unaware of life until that great release

When at Christ's second coming all the saints of God will rise

And will together with the saved look fully in the eyes

Of Him Who never left them never held them at arms length

But waited ever patiently for them to find the strength

That's found in simply speaking out His name in simple faith

That longs to have His perfect peace that comes with Godly grace

That daily is pursuing us to hear the Shepherd's call

To lay aside our fearfulness and give to Him our all

Releasing hold of worldliness and every taint of sin

That now controls the world at large and all the hearts of men

Who will not to be open to the wondrous love of God

That longs to give us wisdom in the paths He'd have us trod

And eyes to see His presence in the ways that He will lead

When we commit our all to Him and faithfully will heed

The prompting of His Spirit that was there when Jesus died

That suffered with Christ's agony when He was crucified

And feels the pain and suffering that each of us goes through

When we feel lost and lonely as the lost of earth will do

Unless they choose to render all they have and all they are

To Him Who suffered for their sins to ever bear the scars

To be their soul reminder of the Sacrifice He made

Removing separation by the perfect Price He paid

Hebrews 2:14-18

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