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Daily Devotional

Glorious Morning

When morning breaks eternal on that resurrection day

And all the pain and sorrow of old sins are wiped away

And people join their loved ones that they lost so long ago

And Satan will be searching for another place to go

When angel choirs are singing Alleluia to the Lamb

And wrapped in glorious spender we will see the Great I Am

And crowns and robes are placed upon us we do not deserve

And we will see the mansions God is holding in reserve

We'll know this time was perfect though at times it brought much grief

And often as we suffered death appeared the great relief

But then we'll know the passion we could not have known before

If we could not have suffered like our Saviour we adore

For just like our relationship with people that we know

It seems our bond is stronger in the paths in which we go

If we can go together and experience the same

Conditions and decisions that find comfort in the Name

Of Him Who walked before us having suffered so much more

To pave the Way to heaven that the saints are looking for

The Way once fraught with danger of deception from the lies

The devil kept displaying on each side to catch our eyes

To try to make us stumble and to draw us from the path

That in the time of judgement we like him would face God's wrath

But as we kept our focus on the Way of Life and Truth

No matter what we suffered we still saw the path of youth

That will be ours forever when we see our Saviour come

With thousands upon thousands of His angels without sum

To gain His precious treasure that He's waited for so long

To grow in faith in Jesus that will be forever strong

Because we found the answer that the world could never give

That those who trust the plan of God in Christ forever live

Free from the past they suffered minded only by the scars

That Jesus will be bearing to remind us just how far

God's love went to redeem us when we wondered lost in sin

To give to us the option to be gathered back again

Within His fold eternal where forever we will shine

With joy that's found in Jesus Who left all the past behind

John 11:24, 25; Romans 6:1-8; Philippians 3:7-11

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