Daily Devotional

God With Us

How broad the great expanse of what our God has done for us

The depths of condescension for the ones who choose to trust

Their all to our salvation demonstrated on that tree

Where God gave all to save us by Christ's death on Calvary

No mortal eye has seen it and no mortal tongue can tell

The great Expense He paid for us to save our souls from hell

That hell of separation that Christ suffered on the cross

When He was left in darkness counting all as gone and lost

For He Who was immortal from the times of eons past

In mystery prepared a plan for those who chose to cast

Their weak and sinful selfishness before the feet of Him

Who gave His perfect holiness to save the souls of them

And more than just the planning He put everything in place

That must by His eternal Law be done to prove His grace

Becoming One among us in the same way that we are

From just a baby in a stall beneath that Christ mass star

To youth as One in learning He would see each day the Lamb

The emblem of the promised One Who is the great I Am

Observing all the sacraments that Israel was taught

Along with stories of the past of battles He had fought

Against the devil's minions in the history of them

Whom God had called and organized to teach the world of Him

But who had failed Him greatly as they chose the world instead

Of Him Who had the power of life to raise them from the dead

And then as He was older as He walked among all men

While perfect by God's Spirit and offended by all sin

He knew His time was coming when He would be crucified

For crimes that we committed for which Innocence was tried

And still He chose to be here never turning from the way

That led to accusations and the lies for which He paid

Because of love's compassion for the weary tried and lost

For which our God did willing absorb the total cost

If we would simply trust Him in our actions thoughts and speech

Abandoning our sinful ways that He through us might reach

The burdened poor and outcast with the lessons of God's love

That He exemplified in life when He came from above

Matthew 1:22-25; Hebrews 10:1-10

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