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Daily Devotional

Banner of Love

I know I've said it oft before when speaking of the Lord

How it is just impossible yet cannot be ignored

That He Who is Almighty Who made everything that is

Would by His grace extend our lives for such a time as this

For I just can't imagine in my feeble human brain

How He Who is perfection Who has not the slightest stain

Could have such perfect patience with this evil sin filled world

That He would offer pardon through His banner still unfurled

His banner that flies over us that follows us each day

That draws us into fellowship when we take time to pray

That shields us from the enemy in ways we cannot know

When lived within the hearts of those who live His love to show

That banner that has always been the ensign of God's throne

That before He created earth was by His angels known

And then when in the planning of this world from eons past

Was always that one principle that would forever last

Though cast aside in Eden when our parents fell in sin

And destined us to follow them to that eternal end

If not for that great banner that caused Christ to lay aside

His robes of His divinity when as the Lamb He died

Upon that cross on Calvary as testimony to

How far God's love would follow us to do what He would do

To capture our attention and leave all our past behind

If we would give our all to Him in body soul and mind

And let Him use that banner to conceal what we have done

By clothing us in righteousness that's found in Christ the Son

That must be lived in those who will to live with Him on high

Where those who truly love the Lord will live and never die

Not for their works of righteousness but for the grace He gives

That's seen in every heart of each who by faith loves and lives

To hold aloft that banner that the world is want to see

That banner of God's mighty love He holds o'er you and me

That we in turn must hold above each precious soul we meet

To draw them by the love of God to kneel at Jesus' feet

And there receive the mystery we cannot comprehend

Of God's undying perfect love for us that has no end

Romans 5:1-8; 8:34; 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11; Song of Solomon 2:4

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