Daily Devotional

Children Of The Promise

How can my heart be mournful at the sound of nature's call

To rise to meet the morning and to give to God my all

In fellowship together on my knees with Him in prayer

Attentive to His Spirit and what He would tell me there

How can my mind be cluttered with so many cares of earth

When once again my God declares in Him I have new birth

And all my past before is reckoned as no longer mine

But His Who once hung on that cross below that rugged sign

That read to all the nations and the universe at large

What men meant as a pretense as declared within the charge

Of blasphemy for saying He could rule the hearts of men

By granting them forgiveness and His power over sin

For there above our Saviour in three languages were spelled

The words we rarely focus on and what they truly tell

As He Who was the guiltless was the One that they did choose

To crucify for being Christ the longed for King of Jews

The Jews who came from Abraham the promise of his loins

Upon whom all the blessings through the prophets God enjoins

If they were true and faithful to the staff and to the Rod

That are the testimonies and the perfect Law of God

But when they failed to serve Him Who had brought them through the sea

And constantly went through the rounds of gross apostasy

He chose for Him another people who might be His own

A people of the promise for which His blood would atone

A people who surrendered all their past to be like Him

Who lived and walked upon this earth to be as One with them

Who rise up every morning with a song upon their heart

Because through faith they know by grace in Christ they have a part

Of His eternal Kingdom where the saints of earth will shine

Who lovingly have dedicated heart and soul and mind

To being just like Jesus in the things they say and do

That they might be a blessing for the ones He brings them to

Fulfilling what He purposed for His people in the past

Dispelling doubt and fearfulness when all on Him they cast

And grasp His hand of promise that will never let them down

Until they place their feet upon that promised holy ground

Acts 7:1-5; 48-60; Romans 9:1-8

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