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Determined by the grace of God to have the victory

The last act of his mortal life would live in infamy

Though blinded by his passion and his lustful life of sin

He soon destroyed the temple with three thousand evil men

But this was not the purpose God had planned and made him for

For he had been anointed at his birth for so much more

When God had told his parents of the blessing he would be

As long as he maintained a life of chaste sobriety

Not giving place to passions that ruled other worldly men

But living for the heirs of God to see His grace within

This man who had a purpose unlike those who came before

To fight for God the battles He ordained and made him for

The battles that revealed to all the world the power of God

That knows no limitation in the lives of those who trod

The path where God will lead them as they follow Him in love

That lives by the obedience His scripture tells us of

But Samson's life was tainted by a lack of discipline

And instead of fidelity he chose a life of sin

That led to much debauchery and wanton foolish lies

That took from him his heritage and cost him both his eyes

And though it's sad to see his loss and pain that he went through

It was this pain and loss that helped him see what he must do

As humbly he came back to God to seek forgiveness there

And gain for all assurance God rewards repentant prayer

That even though he failed Him who ordained him from above

He never could detour from him the Father's awesome love

That made him in his final hours a testimony to

The power and the mighty work that God through us can do

When we return from following the world that's dead to sin

From bending to the influence of lost and selfish men

And grasp the hand of providence that leads us back to Him

Who longs to show the evidence of godliness to them

That comes when we abandon our desires to do God's will

That holds for us the promise that His grace is waiting still

To make of us a testament that all the world might see

There is no limit to what God can do in you and me

Judges 16

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