Daily Devotional


A name so comprehensive every person that you meet

Has heard or used it often in their home or on the street

Sometimes to bring a blessing for the others who might hear

Sometimes a means of cursing for which one day they will fear

A name with greatest meaning though its letters are but few

The patriarchs of promise saw what speaking it could do

From turning back the armies of the hordes of evil men

To comforting the humble who sought freedom from their sin

From drying up a pathway through the mighty sea's divide

To leading their encampment to a place where they could hide

And spend time learning of Him Who would teach them of His plan

To be for them a Sacrifice to save the soul of man

That name that knows no boundaries in all that it can do

When it by faith has found embrace in folks like me and you

Who seek the grace He offers us each day in morning prayer

With confidence He hears our hearts and keeps us in His care

To be a light to others in the world that they might see

The beauty of what He has done to save humanity

When He despite our wickedness embraced us in His love

And gave to us the greatest Gift His scriptures teach us of

The Gift Who was our Sacrifice and is still to this day

For those who humbly seek His face each morning as they pray

And keep His Holy Spirit close in everything they do

To share the power of heaven's love with all He brings them to

Because His name is perfect perfect for the ones who care

To shed the light He gives to them to people everywhere

To heal the brokenhearted set the sinful captive free

Who choose by faith to grasp His grace and hold divinity

That never fails to love us never fails to hear our call

When we abandon what is past to give to Him our all

And trust that all He offers will not fail for us to be

Exactly what will make us fit for His eternity

Because we've learned to trust in Him as Jesus did before

To let Him make and mold in us what He is looking for

A people formed and fashioned in the path He'd have us trod

The path that Jesus walked before that kept Him close to God

Genesis 1:1; Exodus 14:21-31; Ecclesiastes 3:1-14

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