Daily Devotional

The Reason

The depth of our anxiety the focus of our need

Is promised in the scriptures that by grace it won't exceed

What we in our capacity by grace can understand

When faithfully we follow as our Lord has made command

For many are the trials and temptations that we face

To doubt the mighty love of God that comes through holy grace

But all can have a purpose for our good if we employ

The love for Him Who made us to dwell in His holy joy

That joy that does not falter though at times it's sorely tried

For which our Saviour offered all of heaven when He died

To bring us an assurance that one day our pain would end

When He will wipe away our past of loss and reckless sin

For He Who holds tomorrow also holds our hand today

And as He's always promised will be with us all the way

From birth to our renewal in His Spirit by His grace

Til when we stand in glory there to see the Father's face

And when we hold that promise like a fine and precious stone

We have the greatest confidence that we are not alone

That Christ and all His angels will attend to all our need

That will ensure our progress in His Way that will succeed

For what we live and witness in this life we live today

Has more than just a reason to refine us in the Way

As all the waiting universe is watching us to see

The power of God's mighty Truth lived out in you and me

The Truth that man has slandered through his course of selfish sin

Inspired by the devil who controls the minds of men

And fills their hearts with evil as he makes them like his own

Who entertain temptations by the careless seed that's sown

As each day like another they pursue what they desire

Until they reach probation's end where all things will expire

That have not been committed to the True and Holy God

Who works through those who love Him in the path they choose to trod

And who have seen by faith the greater reason that we live

And why we are the chosen who accept what God did give

To prove to all the universe the Truth in Christ they see

By how His grace is paramount today in you and me

1 Corinthians 10:9-13; Hebrews 2:14-18; Romans 8:28

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