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Daily Devotional

The Lawyer and The Farmer

A lawyer and a farmer met one day upon a hill

Where both had been invited to see prophesy fulfilled

The lawyer in his finest wear for all the folks to see

The farmer in his humble garb with soiled and dirty knees

The lawyer stood there watching as the Sacrifice was made

Assured by his presumption that the Price was fully paid

For crimes that were reported that this criminal performed

By those who claimed as witnesses that they had been informed

Were heinous in their nature quite despicable to see

That One Who was a simple man should claim divinity

Assuming He could speak the truth offending those at hand

Who claimed by letters by their names to have that right to stand

In judgement of their brethren who presumed that they could be

Directly in connection with God's perfect purity

Who had no education preparation or acclaim

By worldly institutions that provided them the same

While kneeling there beside him this poor farmer was confused

How One so pure and holy could be horribly abused

Who never spoke an unkind word or put another down

But always lifted others up from where their souls were found

With words of His encouragement that led to Godly praise

As from their weak and feebleness His power of love would raise

Them to a place so few had been to feel the might of God

That gave them strength and courage in the path that they must trod

While still in sojourn on this earth as pilgrims for the realm

Where peace and love and perfect joy are sure to overwhelm

The ones who in humility by God could plainly see

What that poor farmer saw that day right there on bended knee

For he could see his Maker Who created all he knew

Who by His death inspired life the way his seeds would do

And who by resurrection would give promise of the day

When He would come in glory to wipe sin and death away

And all who humbly knew Him all who laid on Him their all

Could know with perfect confidence He'd always hear their call

And answer them no matter what their place in life might be

For by God's grace He proved His love that day on Calvary

Luke 8:4-15; John 7:11-18

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